Give Up, Grow Old

by Faithful Unto Death

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It's about a lot of stuff. Read the lyrics.


released June 8, 2012

Ryan Croppo - Recording/Mixing
Monolith Studios, Chris Themelco - Mastering
Album Art - Brendan Watts
Song Writing - Faithful Unto Death



all rights reserved


Faithful Unto Death Windsor, Ontario

Two friends making music about God.

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Track Name: Give Up, Grow Old
Told a thousand times to get realistic,

Too positive, too optimistic,

When you get older this will make you tired,

Give up all the things you desired,

The real world will make you see this is futile, just let it go,

Settle in for a sterile life, giving up in the status quo,

But I've got bad news cause I won't be slowing down,

Relentless living, until I receive that faithful crown,

So take a step back and watch me prove you wrong,

Cause my passion and convictions are just that strong,

I live this life cause I know it's right,

Call me what you want, I'm gritty, grimy and full of light.

I'm not chasing after status or security,

Focused only on what, God says I need,

Seek first the kingdom and let the rest pass away,

Keep my eyes dead set focused on that goal every day,


Track Name: Love Devoid Of Feeling
Heard enough songs to know how it goes,

Get in, get bored, head for where greener grass grows,

There's no commitment so it's not legitimate,

Nothing left to stop you from jumping ship,

We live in a world where they say nothing lasts,

And you won't say different if you look at my past,

But I've finally learned to do it right,

Cause that word has no meaning, if it's not for life,

Get over those fairy tale romances,

Cause real love is about second chances,

It's making that choice every day,

To live for someone else in every way,


If I could speak in tongues of angels,

If I could move mountains with my faith,

If I gave everything I have, away,

I would still have nothing,

I would still die empty,

So when I say that word I want to mean it,

Spend my whole life just trying to prove it,

It's one thing to say that little word,

But will you stick around when life get's hard?

I've fallen in love with a love devoid of feeling,

Learned love as a verb, as choice unwavering,

Its self-sacrifice in a cross bearing sort of way,

Putting on the character of Christ everyday,
Track Name: The Other Son
We watched it side by side,

Cloud over the temple and fire at night,

Saw waters part before our eyes,

Cried as food fell from the skies,

Can you remember those days?

Can you remember those days?

We knew who we were and who our maker was,

Our eyes focused hard on keeping His laws,

We heard the promise of a land our own,

Trusted that He would grow the seeds he'd sown,

Can you remember those days?

Can you remember those days?


But you demanded your inheritance,

And left with your eyes set on better things,

Now I wish that you would come back home,

So we could sit for eternity and truly know,

Who we are again.

After all we've seen,

I find it hard to understand,

How you could just walk away,

Is there something I could have done?

Said more, said less, said anything at all?

What can I do to bring the exiled home?

All I have left is fear.

Sometimes it seems helpless but I know I've got to do, whatever I can,

So I'll keep living in a way that makes you question,

Cause I know that somewhere deep inside of you,

Is a part that hears the still small voice of truth,

I long for the day we see you walking up that road,

I promise I won't be that other son,

I'll be running out to meet you,

I'll be running out to meet you,
Track Name: Yemkela (Blindside Cover)
Wasted disposable dying scum
Two months tops before silence replaces your small beating drum
Isn't that what we're all waiting for
So we can go home and celebrate our good life

But I feel gun powder
Burning under my skin
Don't say another word
You might set off a spark
Cause i've got gun powder
Burning under my skin

Take me back to tv-land
Numbness is a safe zone
They never trained me for reality
I'm a reality-tv clone
Now did you say your 10 going on 11?
Something is terribly wrong
Somehow I'm dying with you

But I feel gun powder
Burning under my skin
Don't say another word
You might set off a spark
Cause I've got gun powder
Burning under my skin